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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any previous sailing or boating experience?

No, we teach you all you need to know and after a few days, you will understand the basics.

Do I need to be able to swim?

No, all students wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) and the training boats are virtually untippable. You might be interested in knowing that many sailors (able bodied and otherwise) can’t swim! Students are responsible for having/bringing their own PFD.

Do I need a lot of strength?

No, we have various electrical attachments that will meet your needs. Martin 16’s can be partially or fully adapted to electronic controls. If you can operate an electric wheel chair you can sail a Martin. We can also convert to a Sip & Puff system for a quadriplegic.

Martin 16 going out in the Bay.

Is the Instructor in the boat?

No, but the Instructor is always close at hand on the water in a Coach Boat.

Once I’ve bought a Seasonal Membership, are there any other costs?

No, unless you want to purchase pop from the machine or something like that. Occasionally we have sold hats and so on but they are optional purchases.

Do I have to attend every day?

No, however we recommend that you start your training with one full week of instruction. After that, you can come as often as you wish.

Do I have to take any formal or text book training?

All the programs involve a combination of land-based training and on the water training. However, you can learn how to sail without any text book work and only need to take formal training if you wish to go beyond recreational sailing.

Are the facilities accessible?

Yes, the dock and washroom are accessible plus the parking lot is close at hand.

Student and coach at Mobility Cup, Toronto.