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Our Fleet

Access Dinghy


The Access Dinghy is a two seat, cat rigged (a main sail only) dinghy operated by a joy stick. This, along with its hammock seat, allows adaptation to most levels of physical and developmental disability. The weighted centre board and floatation tanks make it virtually un-tippable. The Access is used for initial training and recreational sailing.

Length: 7 feet, 6 inches
Width: 4 feet 1 inch
Draft: 2 feet 6 inches
Capacity: 2 persons (220 lbs solo and 275 double)

Access Dinghy
Martin 16

Martin 16

A very fast racer with a 330 lbs ballasted keel that makes it virtual untippable. It is operated from a dry cockpit using a joy stick.

One of the Martin 16 also has either electric controls or a sip and puff system.

A second person can be accommodated in a seat behind the skipper. Used through out North America in racing regattas.

Length: 16 feet
Width: 4 feet
Draft: 3 feet 4 inches
Capacity: 2 persons


A very fast Trimeran and one of only two in Canada. The Challenger is an English designed and manufactured boat, sailed through out the UK by able sail schools. The Challenger is used for advanced sail trim training and just for the sheer fun of it.

Length : 13 ‘

Capacity : 1 person