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Quinte Sailability Winter Jobs….the work never ends!

by | Nov 30, 2012 | News | 1 comment

Winter Jobs at QS


The boats may be put away for the winter but there are still things to do. Parts break and need repairs. A Martin 16 rudder needs chips filled in and the hole for the pin that holds it up needs rebuilding. A new dock box for storage has been built and a Martin 16 boom needs the head piece replaced plus the aerial from the Erin Knot needs repair. When the Toronto Boat show comes in January we will be off to pick up parts and gadgets at the great low prices that the show brings.

   We are also fund raising for operating costs and a new Martin 16. Sandy and a band of bakers are doing the annual Bake Sale.  Orpha will be getting ready for the canoe raffle for next year. And just to make sure we don’t get lost for things to do the Ontario government has amended the Not For Profit Act which requires , 1st understanding the legalese and 2nd amending our by laws…..oh what joy!


d.fletcher   613 475-4427

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  1. Gord Devries

    Fletch. If you need some one to help repair the foils I can do some glas and fairing. Or other rigging tasks.



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