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Laura’s African Adventures

by | Feb 12, 2013 | News | 1 comment

On January 16th 2013 I left on a trip to Tanzania, Africa with the Journey of Hope. We flew for a total of 18 hours, with a layover in Amsterdam, finally arriving in Moshi, Tanzania. We spent 17 days in Tanzania, with the majority of our time spent in Kilema. In Kilema myself, and the seventeen other teenagers on the trip participated in painting classrooms at the Kilema primary school, and the Kisiluni primary school. We did this to help the schools make it through the rainy season. The paint helped to seal the walls, and reflect as much light as possible as the classrooms do not have electricity. Repainting the schools was a three day project.

While helping to repaint and repair the schools we also participated in teaching the students english, math and physical education skills. For the Kisiluni primary school only two teachers were available, so many classes had no teachers at all. With our group we had enough students to teach six full classes.
The Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board donated twenty laptops. We then donated the laptops to school officials, doctors and teachers in Tanzania. To ensure that the laptops were being used properly we spent time doing computer training. We broke the training into hour and a half sessions where each volunteer would take two high school students. By the end of the sessions you could really see the difference. Students began to type, open and close programs and even figure out how to play games.
While in Kilema we had the opportunity to play soccer with the local children, go to church with over 1400 local people, donate over seventy pounds of shoes and clothing to the community, and experience their food and culture. We brought over nine hundred pounds of school supplies that we distributed to six different local schools. The supplies included pens, pencils, booklets, science and math equipment and much more.
We also donated money to an orphanage and HIV/AIDS center. Along with that donation we sponsor many children so that they are able to attend school. At the end of the trip we were able to go on a safari and see some of the breath taking animals that are native to Africa. The entire experience was absolutely amazing and life changing. Thank you to everyone who supported me, this has truly changed my life.

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  1. Orpha Weese

    Laura your story gave me goosebumps as I read it. What an inspiring experience. Thank you so much for sharing with us and I can hardly wait for the opportunity to talk with you about it this summer. We are all so very proud of you.


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