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Laura Watts – Skiing Insructor

by | Mar 9, 2012 | News | 0 comments

During Quinte Sailability’s off season I spend my time
doing homework, volunteering and working as a ski instructor at Batawa
Ski Hill. I started instructing when I was 14 and it has never failed
to keep me on my feet. My lessons range from 3-year-olds who can’t even
stand on their skis by themselves, to those above 50 who recently
bought parabolic skis and would like to know how they work. While I
am on the hill my job is a blast! But there are some aspects of the
job that remind me how much I miss Quinte Sailability. For example one
Thursday night while working at the snow school desk someone felt the
need to inform me that he had just clogged up the second stall in the
men’s bathroom, ‘real good’. I also got a phone call once asking if the
hill was open, or if we had to close it because it was snowing
outside. In this case I informed them that we actually loved the snow,
and would be open until our usually time, snow falling or not.
Sometimes the job can be interesting, but I really love it! I do have
to say though that I cant wait for the summer to begin!

Laura Watts


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