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New QS shed being constructed

by | Mar 27, 2012 | News | 0 comments


Thanks to RONA Trenton, Coles Tim Br Mart and Vanderlann Building Products of Brighton who donated all the materials for a new sail shed. The only purchase we needed to make was the door which we bought at the Re Store for $35. We now have the only sail shed with a cat flap………you never know!

Peter Alker, John Gower and Fletch pre-fabbed the shed at Tobey Developments in Bright on, who donated their large workshop space. This stage took 4 hours and very few language irregularities. Next we tore down the old shed which had slightly more language irregularities and prepared the new foundation blocks with some additional help from the QS Chair, Chris King and Gord Gower.

Next week we will erect the shed. Stay tuned.

D. Editor


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