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Mac Attack & Rotary Way head to Halifax for Mobility Cup via CN Rail

by | Aug 19, 2013 | News | 0 comments

MC2013 036Thanks to CN Rail boats go free of charge to the site of Mobility Cup each year and home again. A big plus this year is CN sent the container right to the Air Base. We use to have to tow them to Concord, north west of Toronto. Dennis Dove of the Yacht Club and Safety Officer for the base arranged for us to use the RCAF loading facility and all went like clock work. Boats and supplies are now on a train heading east to Halifax to be followed by our largest contingent to date. Sailors, Brett, Claire, Steve and Bryan, Coach Alex , Fletch and volunteer Carol Nicholson. Stay tuned to Twitter and this site for up coming race results. Practice race starts Monday Aug 26th with Aug 27th -30th being the Mobility Cup.



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