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Third day results at Mobility Cup Halifax

by | Aug 29, 2013 | News | 0 comments

Gold fleet saw Steve move up a couple of places to 7th place. There were pretty heavy winds for both fleets. Bryan did not get out of the gate as his jib boom snapped in half not allowing him to race. He has now dropped to 9th.

Silver fleet saw Claire move up a couple of places to 8th overall with good showings in her three races. Claire with good results on Friday can realistically get into the top five. Brett’s boat was damaged (rudder) prior to him needing to use it and he had to charter into a different boat and is now in 12th place. With a good showing on Friday Brett can get into the top ten.

All QS sailors have a good chance to finish top ten in their fleets. Friday is suppose to be heavy winds but no rain. Go QS!


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